How to enable Servo Output

Hi. I’m turning my sea kayak into a USV Hydrographic Survey Boat. The autopilot is a Pixhawk 3 Pro. I have a PC onboard running Hypack to collect the hydrographic data. I have used MissionPlanner to calibrate the radio (Taranis X9D Plus/X8R). I have calibrated the radio channels, and have channel1 enabled as Rudder and channel 3 as Throttle (in Config/Tuning/Standard Params). But when I go to Initial Setup/Servo Output, nothing happens.

How do I enable the Servo Outputs ?

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I guess the vehicle is armed and the safety switch is disengaged? If this is done then the servo outputs should work. If that doesn’t work, perhaps provide a dataflash log so we can have a peek at the parameters and outputs.