How to enable mag_field in log?

I’m getting a compass fail in the log auto analysis so I’m trying to trouble shoot this:
Test: Compass = FAIL - Large change in mag_field (97.24%) Max mag field length (1048.16) > recommended (550.00)

I’ve tried following the wiki, but I am not seeing anything for the mag_field. I set the LOG_BITMASK variable to 43006 (NearlyAll as stated in MP), flew another test flight and still no mag_field data. I now see in the parameter list that NearlyAll bit value should be 45054. I’d like to confirm what should be the log bitmask value so I can log the mag_field and try to troubleshoot this.

Thanks for any help or guidance.

Warren M

set to nearly all if pixhawk, if apm you can but turn the logging back down when done.

Ok, so using 3DR Tower on my tablet (instead of Mission Planner on laptop) I set the LOG_BITMASK to NearlyAll (-6146) and still no mag_field captured?
What am I missing here?


mine is set to 45054 looking at a log, and has mag enabled.