How to enable log file in SD-Card

I want to store log file in SD-card how can i enable my PIXHAWK to store in sd-card. I have tried "sd2log " on terminal but it didn’t recognize this command.

That’s where the files are stored by default if I’m not mistaken.

Normally log files are store in internal memory but what if i want to store these file in SD-card what step can i do in Mission Planner.

The log files are written to the sd card by default, on the apm2 they were/are written to an internal flash memory.

Have a look here - … on-sd-card it says they remove the sd card and plug into the laptop to read the log files directly. … m_features on this list of features it says the sd card is for data logging.

What about APM v3.2?

@Ammad Ali
There is no APM3.2. It is ArduCopter v3.2.
All versions of the ArduCopter firmware store the dataflash data in flash memory.
APM2.x (ArduPilot Mega) stands for the navigation controller.

APM is firmware right?
and does this version of arducopter store log in SD-Card?
probably this maybe silly question but this is new to me.

APM (2.5, 2.6) is hardware, which has been superseded by Pixhawk
Arducopter (3.2.1, 3.3 etc), ArduPlane and ArduRover are firmware

APM running any of the firmware’s saves the log files to an internal flash memory chip
Pixhawk running any of the firmware’s saves log files to the sd-card

Thanks for your information but i’m a little confused.
i have this pixhawk device

and i put Arducopter V3.2 firmware into it.

So this firmware store logs in SD-card?
because i have checked that when i didn’t insert the SD-card it store logs in internal memory

For Pixhawk the log files are saved to the SDCARD. It actually won’t boot if the SDCARD is not inserted into the Pixhawk. (you will get a warning tone and the GCS won’t connect)

[quote]because i have checked that when i didn’t insert the SD-card it store logs in internal memory[/quote] There is no ‘internal memory’ on the pixhawk to saves logs. unless you mean the SDCARD (Pixhawk as other ‘internal memory’ that it saves configuration parameters to.

You can either use Mission Planner or APM Planner 2.0 to download the logs from the SDCARD on Pixhawk over the USB connection, or remove the SDCARD from the pixhawk and plug it into your computer.

Hope that helps clear up the confusion.

Yeah Thanks man!