How To Enable GPS Distance Readings?

Hi everyone, for my Rover i have the GPS working, it gives me accurate speed readings but I’m not sure how to enable distance readings. So when i drive the GPS works great but i also need to see distance and total distance travelled.

I have searched a lot and unable to find anything regarding this, but being new to Mission Planner there’s obviously a word I’m missing in the search engine to get a clear answer.

I found GPS_TYPE=17 & GPS_TYPE2=18/UBLOX moving baseline rover.

Apart from those settings I’m not sure what else to do.

My GPS is a Matek SAM M8Q and works great, the last piece to my puzzle is just enabling distance readings.

Thanks for any help, apart from this my project has been going great.

I added a pic of my OSD display. Speed readings work great, but i never see Distance/Meters working it’s always on 0.
Also throttle gives no readings.