How to edit survey grid?

I’m running MP 1.3.70
I’ve created a survey grid by defining a polygon, then right-clicking to select AutoWP->Survey(Grid).
After editing the grid parameters in the resulting popup, before pressing Accept I press Controll-S to save the grid file, e.g. as “my-grid”. Then I press Accept. How can I open this grid editor window again and modify “my-grid”?

The only way I’ve found to open the grid editor is to select AutoWP->Survey(Grid) which opens the grid editor window and fills it with a survey; I then press Control-O and specify “my-grid” (previously saved) - but “my-grid” doesn’t seem to be displayed in the grid editor window. Am I missing a step?


Start AutoWP-Survey(Grid) without any polygon points defined. It will ask for opening a file and loads the saved grid INCLUDING the polygon points.

Excellent - thank you!
Is this documented in a user guide somewhere?

Is there a user guide somewhere ? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: