How to do VTOL Transition with Ardupilot and MAVROS in Gazebo?

I have managed to use Ardupilot VTOL SDF Model in Gazebo with MAVROS (once I run the APM within MAVROS too, so I can see the topics, services etc in ROS) and its “Drone” mode is working nicely. However, I couldn’t find a solution or any information in the internet about how to change the VTOL Transition from “Drone Mode” to “Fixed Wing Mode” with which command in the “GUIDED” mode terminal. Therefore,

Is there anyone that he/she can guide me about this issue I have encountered? thank you very much.

I had done these with PX4-Autopilot with MAVROS in Gazebo Simulation; but I want to do the same subjects for Ardupilot VTOL too.
rosservice list
rosservice list

Model SDF