How to display tlogs?

I have selected the local logging option. This creates tlogs in my nexus 7. Is there a way to display these tlogs in droidplanner?
I looked at the “chart” screen but could not find a way to select a tlog for display.

Get the tlog files to your PC and view them with MissionPlanner. As far as I know DP does not support viewing tlogs. Goodluck!

Splinter is correct, there is no support for reviewing a log afterflight on DP.

It would take some time to develop that, and we have some more urgent issues to implement. And mostly you will be doing flight reviews after you end flying, so a bigger screen is better for that. But this is on our low priority list.

Ok I understand. So what is the chart window for ? It seems you can display a bunch of variables but with no units on the X,Y axis ? (it looks like doctors who show you a chart , then you ask them “in which unit” and they are scratching their heads lol)

Currently the chart screen doesn’t have much use.

And as you say not having any scale, not even mentioning the lack of units, makes it just a shine feature with no practical use. It’s this way because I had to build that chart widget, and didn’t had time to finish it.

But this will change on DPv2, now the chart’s will be used with some context. And later we can display the proper units/scales :slight_smile:.