How to display maps without a network connection

I’m new here and I’ve been rather little in this rc. Wear some time reading manuals on APM planner. And my question is how to use maps in the APM planner screen without a network connection? I mean, I have an rc boat and I want to go sailing away from home to a place you’ve never been there any way to get it without having access to the Internet?
Thanks and forgive me as I am Spanish language and English not control much.

do you mean mission planner or apm planner 2?

Hello meee1.
Sorry I have not explained well. It is in order to view the maps in apm planner 2.
Is there any difference between 2 and mission planner apm planner?
Thanks for reply, Regards.

It’s a manual process in the Map View. You select the area to cache and click cache at the bottom of the page. It will then cache the map at different zoom levels.
There is an open issue to improve the friendliness of that whole interaction

The difference is that APM Planner2.0 is a cross platform app (linux/mac osx/windows)
Mission Planner is a Windows .NET app

Thank you.
More or less already know which is the operation to do, looking the net I understood.
Forgive my ignorance, I am a 17 year old, new to this world of radio control. I try to learn how to program and use an APM 2.5 board for use in a boat. As I have not much idea.
Thanks again and best regards to all.