How to display custom data on HUD

I hope to display my Pixhawk backhaul custom information on Hud. What should i do?

It’s not clear what exactly you are asking. To help us answer your question, can you give more information on what you are attempting to set up?
(e.g., display data on custom LCD display or separate monitor…)

If your data is in the standard telemetry set then right click/user items and you can display it. If it is not in the standard set then you have to change the code. On the FC and on the MP side as well.
You can use standard variables to transmit data, for example the RSSI or the batt2 (x) voltage or current to get analog values. Then display them in MP HUD.

I guess I was looking at it with a broader perspective similar to a project I’m researching, redisplaying data on an lcd with arduino, rpi or straight out same machine running mission planner

Chip, in that case an arduino which capable of decoding mavlink is just fine, you can relay the mavlink telemetry stream from Mission planner, and the arduino can drive a lcd or whatever display you need. I recommend Teensy since it is more powerfull than a standard arduino.

Other possible way is to write a Mission planner plugin, which directly drives a display connected to the computer.

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So if I wanted to make something or use something like a Flight Management Computer/System like in most larger aircraft simulators, using an external monitor and teensy for button contol wouldn’t be too far complicated?

I was thinking too deep like needing a python or json program to interface and communicate with the mission planner

You dont have to communicate with the Mission Planner, but with the FC or the simulator. Mavlink is the universal language. :smiley:

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Thank you sir, I’ll need to do more research on programming buttons in Arduino and serial communications.

Arduino button request—> PC ----> ----> pixhawk action request completed