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How to disarm quickly after landing?

I could use some help with the disarm function. When the drone lands and I move the yaw stick all the way left, the motors keep running for about 10 seconds. This is not a good thing when the drone tips over and the blades keep running trying to make divots in the grass. Is there a way to use full left yaw to immediately turn off the motors? In other words is there a parameter that adjusts the time delay? If not, is there another way? I’m not asking about the 10 second delay after arming. I understand why that is done and I want to leave that one alone.


You can put disarm on a switch using RCx_OPTION

What Flight Mode are you trying to disarm in?

Or a disarm switch as Dr Piper says but you may want to mix that with low throttle or something similar.

Arducopter 4.0.4 has improved landing detection.

I disarm in various modes, depending on how I’m flying. I have used STABILIZE, ALT HOLD, LOITER, and AUTO. The worst are STABILIZE and ALT HOLD due to the fact that wind makes the drone move laterally while sitting down on the ground, thus inducing tip-overs. I try to keep the drone from moving side wards on landing, but if its coming towards or away from me, that is difficult to detect. That’s when tip-overs most likely happen, and I need a way to stop the motors fast.

I’m somewhat opposed to a switch using RCx_OPTION because any accidental use of this during flight will have dire consequences. What’s wrong with using full left yaw at zero throttle to stop the motors instantly? As I recall, that’s what PX4 does.


Because it doesn’t disarm instantly. What I suggested by mixing in another action for the disarm switch would reduce the likelihood of accidental disarm but up to you. I have not had a problem with disarming on land. I would suggest using Land Mode, which I frequently use, but if it’s not working in Auto for you it will be the same in Land.

Update to current Stable (4.0.4).

We mix two RC switches in the transmitter. This makes the “emergency stop” function a lot safer: we then need to flip two switches to kill the engines.

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I used RC7_OPTION and set it to 31. This allows me to flip an aux switch and disarm immediately on landing. Before I did that occasionally the quad copter would flip over after landing.

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