How to disable rear motors when not in Quad-Mode?


How can I turn off the rear motors after transition to Fixed-Wing mode? I am tilting the rear Motors backwards, so they spin in the wrong direktion (Thrust to the front direction). It would be possible to turn them upside down so they gain thrust in the right direction after tilting, but I guess I will have enought thrust with just the two front motors.
Any Ideas how to disable them?



Is there a reason you turn them?

You can try using scripting to move them into position during flight though you will have to reposition them very quickly when entering Q modes or using Q Assist.

I want to tilt them to avoid unwanted drag. In tilted backwards position with motorbreaks on it will have less drag than in a upright position.
As I got you right - there is no “stock” option for a Quadplane flying as fixed-wing with only two motors?



As far as I know there is no setup with some props tilting backwards during transition as it causes noticeable delay in activation of Q modes as you need to first get your rear motors pointing roughly in the right direction before you start transition.

You could use 4 tilting rotors setup with rear motors in a pusher configuration and use scripting to disable them when they are aligned for flight. Though I doubt if this will help with power required for flight compared to keeping them in VTOL orientation unless you have feathering props. IMHO it would be better to have a mechanism to align props along the boom during FW flight.

It would be interesting if you could test L/D performance with rear motors in vertical and horizontal orientation.

It’s an old site but check out this site. I think you can download the params and if anything compare his settings.

I know this is doable like the Kestrel Tron.

Good luck.

I think, of your flight controller is capable of running lua scrip then you can manipulate the PWM signal values to specific servo and enable or disable based on flight mode or airspeed.
This would be the easiest option from my opinion.