How to disable Buzzer in AC 3.4.4?

Hi All

Is there a way i could disable buzzer from MP ??

You need to change a parameter (you might need to look at the full parameter list in MP):

After changing NTF_BUZZER param to 0 , buzzer still beeps .

I am powering pixhawk from usb.

Do you support disabling buzzer in AC 3.4.4 ??

Finally get my answer.

After disabling buzzer in MP ,

the buzzer disables but it beeps upon power-up.

So except power-up BEEP , there is no extra beep.

Hope someone from AC3.4 user, confirms my understanding.

Yes, that’s right. At the moment, there’s actually no way to configure it so that we disable the startup tone. That tone is built into the startup scripts which run before we’ve loaded any parameters.

Thankyou for the clarification.

Hi Robert,
For what its worth, I am sure you thought about just adding a hardware-link on the buzzer to manually ena/dis it before you take-off? Why don’t you want to do this mod, or am I misinterpreting your requirement?