How to detach cables?

Just got in repair parts but I need help to figure how to disconnect some cables. I’ve see the Youtube video on detaching from the Pixhawk and have no trouble with those ends. However, the cables that connect to the GPS (uBlox) board, the I2C module, the battery door LED board and the power module board, are different. Can someone help me with those items?

I use a small blade screwdriver and lots of sensitivity :slight_smile:.

If someone could create a better tutorial video on that, it would be really appreciated.

I saw the Youtube video that ronaldo5593 is referring to. But that didn’t work at all for me.
Since then I’m too afraid to try to remove a cable.


What’s that plastic thing in the video?
Looks like it’s some custom tool for replacing the cables.
I guess with that it will indeed be very easy to get the cables off. :slight_smile:

Any idea where we can get that tool?

I tried to use a screwdriver, but was afraid to break something. These cables and connectors appear to be extremely delicate and I don’t want to wreck things even more.

Thanks! Appreciate that.

Yeah, I was able to get the cables off the broken uBlox using this method, but felt there must be a better way…? However, using this method just trashed the I2C module as the individual connection points are not held firmly to the board…luckily I had a spare from when we got the consumer Pixhawks.

Sometimes I wish I had small girly hands…and younger eyes. LOL T’would come in handy at times like this.

What, by the way, are these type of connectors called…if I know, I will do some research and see if I can find a tool.