How to designate transmitter switches to relays in APM:Plane?

So I am trying to set some relay switches up to certain switches on my transmitter, but everything online links to arducopter.

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do this using APM:Plane…the dropdown menus aren’t there. Can anybody walk me through how they set relays up please?

I have an RPM sensor operating on AUX 5 so I would need my relays to be on AUX 2,3, and 4. AUX 1 is filled with a BEC.

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Hi Evan
I don’t know if you have found the solution, but in the link you posted it says:

_“Alternatively if you know the exactly pin number to use, the RELAY_PIN parameter can be set directly through the mission planner’s Full Parameters List.”

To do that you can open Mission Planner, then connect to the aircraft, select Config/Tuning>Full Parameter List and use the search function to look for “relay”. The parameters you need should come up in a list.


I did end up finding a solution and I worded this question wrong. All I needed to do was change my RC12 Param to accept RC7in and then I was good. Thanks for the advice though!

how did you do it?
with the cam trigger option?

hi @Autonomost

I am interested in your post , hope you still near ,

I have an RPM sensor operating on AUX 5

How you set the RPM ?
where you connect the RPM signal wire ?
what parameter you change ?
where you display the RPM value ?

as well as I need to do the ( do_set _relay ) using joystick option with my Frsky RC

Hope you can help

regards .