How to delete map information(Data flash Log)

I’m looking for a way to prevent map information from being stored in the dataflash log due to security issues.
The LOG_BITMASK parameter is used to control what message types are stored in dataflash.
I use the above parameters to exclude items related to coordinates (GPS, CMD, NTUN, etc.)

However, the map information is still preserved.

Is it possible to hide the map information in the dataflash log?
If possible,I want to know about it.

Pixhawk2 Flight Controller running 4.0.3 firmware
Here2 GPS/Compass
Configured using MissionPlanner version 1.3.74

You cannot. All that you can do it to disable logging completely. But without logging it will be almost impossible to find out what happened if something goes wrong.

If you like to share the log without the position info you can use the log anonimizer or you can easily apply a transformation to Lat long info by applying a random offset of x degrees. That way you can share all log related info and replicated with flying manuvres without compromise your location.

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