How to define waypoints with same spacing along a line

Dear community,

I’m trying to plan the a series of way points with same spacing along a line so that the rover can stop every 2m to take the measurement, but I couldn’t find any options in Mission Planner that can make it happen.
So is there any way to set waypoints with same spacing along a line and spline ?
Thank you for your help.


I could not find the either. QGC has survey distance and other options but I would rather use MP too.

I never tried QGC. Why you prefer to use MP ? Is QGC not good in terms of other functions ?

I just am more familiar with the setups in MP. Ardupilot pretty new stuff to me so I like to stick with what works first. QCG is very cool and has lots of easy up front configurations options like VTOL & survey missions.

yes you can do this,

use the survey interface, and in the advanced option you can change the trigger type. to something like relay.
this will add extra points along the line.


use SimpleGrid

Thank you! This is very helpful.

Thank you for your help Michael. But if I want to take the measurement on a curved pathway, then is it possible for mission planner to define the waypoints on a curved line with 2m spacing ?