How to "debug" EFK3 primary lane switch?


I got during flight an efk primary lane switch to 1 to 2 back to 0 and i want to see what was the cause of it ?

where do i see the flag that raised it?

except a second gps lose of momentary fix , accel , vibes , alt, speeds, mag seem ok , baro seems very noisy but it was very windy that day .

I still dont see what was teh cause of EFK lane switch what am i missing ?

Thank you !

I’m not sure if this is the only cause of the lane switch but the vibrations are pretty high and could do with being lower.


Is this a quite big hybrid drone ? (THO is low, high current and no voltage dropping)

Firstly, high vibration on IMU 0 and 1, Vibrations are lover at IMU 2 than I suppose your vibration frequency is around 60-70 Hz. This is resonance value for pixhawk damping foam. To be sure you should do FFT analyze.

After FFT you should try some external dumping for pixhawk, if your copter weights more than 20 kg I advise you to add some extra weight for your pixhawk platform (around 100-150g) and use some soft dumpers. In my case, it gives great results.

I suppose the reason of EKF changing is high vibration even if you don’t have clipping.

Also if you have hybrid generator you should check mounting plate and isolate it from the frame. But firstly do FFT and publish it.

Hello @Clogz & @Pimpelpimpel ,

Thank you for your replies !

its a 1.5 meter wheelspan hexa with dual 6s , that day was very windy . no i dont have a dumper for the FC .

Ill try to enable the FFT logs and see whats happening there .

The weight plate you added was directly under FC and then that with dumpers on the frame ?

Best !

Use sth like that :

ha! i have a spare one of those .

Btw how did you come to the conclusion that its the vibes ?

is there a flag saying whats not good?

Thanks again ,

I spent many of time with this problem

But here your vibe is quite high, I suggest to reduce it for around (15 max for z plus some extra shots max 25)

Also in your log i can see when you was flying go ahead on wind and with wind. Than you can check your frame maybe it is too lose or has to much space to bend. But also your tune looks good.

Than if you reduce vibe all shoud be good

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