How to create "Flight Do" first person kmz files

I download my log files in Mission Planner after every flight. I had one flight get away from me, but managed to recover my CX-20 quad a few days later from a kind neighbor. I got the logs and video from the flight.

I notice that this flight, which I have spent many hours studying, includes a file type that my others do not, a kmz file with “-fp” at the end of the filename. I can load this into Google Earth and play it much like the on-board video I recorded of the flight. I find this very valuable and want this for all my flights.

I have no idea what I did to get this extra file. If someone can tell me how to get this for all my flights, I’d much appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!

Here is the edited video from the flight:

It was right in front of my face. Sorry for asking, There is a First Person KML feature on the Download DataFlash dialog. It lets you choose a file and convert it to a first person version.