How to create a connection over internet b/w the vehicle and the GCS

I am working on a project to create a autonomous drone controlled through the GCS on the ground but ii am having a hard time getting started. can somebody with is,I am using ESP to create server on drone to communicate with the ground control system. I dont know how to create a sever and to send messages to control the drone

can somebody help me with this

May have to specify how you would like to connect ? I.e. short range like WiFI, medium range with telemetry / radio transmitter or long range via 4G connectivity.

As to 4G connectivity for example:
Using a small and light weight computer like Raspberry Pi, installing MavLink and connecting the RPi to the FC via serial connection. Then using a 4G wireless broadband dongle to connect remotely to the drone.
This could then be potentially be controlled from anywhere in the world providing reliable internet connection on both sides is available.

Same system can also be used without the 4G wireless device just using the build in WiFi of the Raspberry Pi,if you just after a short range solution.

Some more info here:

can you guide me to make connection over 4G or WiFi to connect my vehicle

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i have flashed my esp32 but dont know how to configure wifi creds . flashing has been done but dont know how and what to do next, ?can anyone help me>