How to correctly wire the radio to pixhawk 4

Hi to all,
I’ve bought these radio modules:

The problem is that the connector from the radio module only has 4 wires (GND, VCC, RX, TX) and it doesn’t match the connector TELEM1 on my pixhawk.

What should I do in this case?
I checked the telem1 port pinout and it says:

  1. VCC
  2. TX
  3. RX
  4. CTS
  5. RTS
  6. GND

Should I connect the RX from the radio module to Pin 2 on TELEM1 port and TX from the radio to Pin 3 on TELEM1 port?

Right, and VCC and GND, ignore CTS/RTS.

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Thank you! I’m going to make a custom connector so I can plug in into the telem1 port by usign GND, VCC, TX and RX.

Your telemetry don’t have the flow control…,but you can find also some telemetry module that support flow control.
Telemetry with control flow offer more performances

Thank you for the advice!