How to control 2+ cameras?

Dear all,
I am new here, happy to join the community!

I’m going to get a DJI Matrice 210 with MicaSense Rededge-MX (multispectral+RGB) and Zenmuse XT2 (thermal+RGB) cameras, both to be installed side by side on the dual mount.
Rededge-MX and Zenmuse XT2 are integrated into Matrice (not sure how thoroughly in the case of Rededge).

My question: is Mission Planner able to control and trigger all these cameras in the same flight?
I’ve only used DroneDeploy and Ardupilot Mission Planner to program a drone with a single RGB camera.

Kind regards

Maybe i missed something lately but i don’t think you can operate a matrice with Mission Planner.

Good point, thanks for replying.
I wasn’t able to find out if it was supported. Seems like I’ll need to consider some other flight planning software…

The DJI equipment is not compatible with Ardupilot at all from my understanding. DJI runs their own proprietary autopilot system.