How to connect voltage and current sensor on the second power port of cube

Hi, i would like to use a second mauch sensor to have voltage et current datas for a independant payload battery.
Need i just connect current and voltage wires + ground on the second power port of the cube?

thanks for help

need help please, i don’t find this information in the wiki

These docs from CubePilot might be helpful. This would also provide power supply redundancy for the Cube.

thanks i read how to have the automatic switch if power 1 have a problem but i don’t need this function, i would like to read current and voltage information about powercell pannel on the flight

I suppose you could do that too and use diodes to prevent the supply from being used for redundancy. I’m not sure why, but you could.

where i need to install a diode? on the vcc port 2?

if you are not connecting the power to power input, then it will not switch, it doest look at the I and V lines to determine the switch, it is not software controlled.