How to connect Simplertk2b and telemetry to pixhawk 1

I have autopilot pixhawk 1 (pixhawk 2.4.8).
I need to know how to connect the simplertk2b to pixhawk: by the jst-gh port , to pixhawk gps port, using a jst-gh to DF13 cable?
And, about the telemetry radio : the Air module must be connected directly to the simplertk2b , or it must be connected to the telem port of the pixhawk, and the NTRIP corrections arrive to the simplertk2b passing through the pixhawk?
By the way, i have a second gps (m8n) with compass, can i use it as second gps (for the compass, but also for blending in case the simplertk2b failures)?
Thank you!

Hey Vicolodo, did you figure out how to connect your simpleRTK2B to your Pixhawk and the standard M8N GPS?