How to connect servos for single copter to pixhawk

I’m making a single copter.
I have a question about how to connect 4 servos to pixhawk.
The servo motors I use are SG90.

I understand that if I set up a single copter, main output 1~4 is recognized as flap.
However, when I checked this page, I understood that avoid connecting the servo to main output if using a copter.

I’m still a lack of understanding of boards and circuits. So, when connecting 4 servos for single copter, which method is correct to use?
Can you give me some advice?
Thank you.

Use the forum search for “single copter” and read how everyone else has struggled with these mostly impractical craft.

First, thank you for your concern!

I’ve read previous questions about single copter. Nevertheless, I don’t know if I understand correctly. This is because the single copter cannot be operated for the time being due to some hardware problem. The question is as follows.

If I connect four servo motors to main 1~4, main motor to main 5, and set frame “single copter” in the mission planner, is there no need to change “servo_rate” of main output?