How to Connect raspberry pi with mission planner on difffrent network

Hello everyone,

What I have done:

  1. I have connected my raspberrry pi-3 drone (pixhawk-4) with mission planner ON THESAME NET WORK (My laptop and the raspberry pi connected to the same network.
  2. I can able to controll the drone over 4G LTE.

What I am trying to

  1. Now I want to connect raspbery pi drone with mission planner on diffrent network. My laptop in one net work and raspberry pi is on another network.

Please somebody guide me to do this.

Hello all
Can anybody help me to achieve my task please?


you can use Zerotier or Tailscale i.e. to create a private network between two or more computers/devices. I used Zerotier in the past, but I switched to Tailscale, because Zerotier stopped working for me. As long as both devices have internet access, you can use the Zerotier/Tailscale IPs to reach each device.
Through Tailscale my son was able to drive my rovers from my computer at home via joystick and video feed. The rovers were connected to a wifi tracker/relay and the relay was connected to a smartphone hotspot.

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Could you please share the procedure?


I will focus on Tailscale.
Installation instructions can be found on:

The installation is not a big deal. I use it on Windows 10, where Tailscale installs just like any other Windows software, Android and Raspberry Pi/Raspberry Pi OS. On the Raspberry Pi, you have to copy and paste a few lines from the instructions into the ssh console. You can log into Tailscale via Google, Microsoft or Github. After installation on each device, the installer shows a weblink. Visit the link, login with the ID provider you chose and the device is added to your account/network.
I use Rpanion Server by Stephen Dade on all of my companion Raspberry Pis, so I can only explain how Tailscale works with it:

Tailscale is shown in the webinterface as another network interface and telemetry forwarding, video and web interface work over Tailscale, just like they would with any other network interface.
It should work like that with any other companion computer software, but I have not tried.


Thanks for your time and guidance.
I will try this and let you know.