How to connect QGC and pixhawk with wire?(tethered drone)Is it possible?

iam working on tethered drone where i would like to use pixhawk. Is it possible to connect pixhawk with computer wiht wire (UTP) and control drone with qgc?

another question(stuppid one):
is it possible to fully operate pixhawk (operate drone with qgc) while is conected with usb cable to computer? This would be the easiest solution for my project.

I need solution to control a drone without rc. Any other solution?


You’ll get better results using serial rather than USB, but they aren’t the only two options.
Getting any real distance will require a bit of engineering. Have a look at how blue robotics tether their sub.

For long distance serial connections, RS485 can be a good solution. It is a robust differential signal protocol, and the drivers (i.e. SN75176) are cheap.

Its either differential driver or fiber optic.
You can search for products with words like
Single mode optic to RS232, single fiber

Here a cheap alibaba at 40$ / pair

model GM218SM-C20/B1B2 RS232 TO FIBER,Single mode single fiber,20KM,SC