How to connect pixhawk to brushless dc motor

i am using brushless dc motors for my rover as rear wheel drives instead of a servo motor. dc motors are connected to a moab board which has sbus and PWM port on it. how do i make connection between pixhawk and the motors?

Hi Siddharth,
I am not familiar with your hardware but I suspect you will need to convert the signals from the Pixhawk into a suitable PWM signal that the Moab board requires.

I had a similar problem connecting my DC brushless motors to the Pixhawk.
I also had issues using these brushless motors for the drive method as set out in the topic “Redclaw Crayfish Aquaculture Feeder”.


hi bill.
Thanks for the information. it was too late.
i tried and could not find the solution so i shifted the autonomous gps navigation to rtk zed f9p which i was able to do similar to the mission planner and pretty accurately.