How to connect my flight controller wirelessly to Ardupilot

I’ve looked around a bit before posting this, but no avail. Trying to figure out how to wirelessly connect my flight controller to my laptop. My current setup:

Home built plane
Matek F405 Wing
Taranis X9D+ running CRSF
Using Mission Planner via windows laptop.

I feel like I’m definitely overlooking a major step here, but if I make a change in mission planner, how can I get that to transfer over to the board without having to connect via USB-C? Any help in pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.


A telemetry radio. Telemetry Radios

Thanks @dkemxr I was reading through the crossfire telemetry page about things that are transmitted back and forth. So for instance, if I have to do a compass calibration, will the telemetry work in this case? Meaning while I’m in mission planner, I go to compass calibration, I hit start onboard Mag calibration, will the three lines (Mag 1-3) work via this connection?

Thanks again

Yes. I use ESP8266 WiFi radios on some craft and SiK radios on others.

You can also put a Bluetooth module on one of the ports of the FC. That will let you interface mission planner with the plane on the bench easily.