How to connect my flight controller wirelessly to Ardupilot

I’ve looked around a bit before posting this, but no avail. Trying to figure out how to wirelessly connect my flight controller to my laptop. My current setup:

Home built plane
Matek F405 Wing
Taranis X9D+ running CRSF
Using Mission Planner via windows laptop.

I feel like I’m definitely overlooking a major step here, but if I make a change in mission planner, how can I get that to transfer over to the board without having to connect via USB-C? Any help in pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.


A telemetry radio. Telemetry Radios

Thanks @dkemxr I was reading through the crossfire telemetry page about things that are transmitted back and forth. So for instance, if I have to do a compass calibration, will the telemetry work in this case? Meaning while I’m in mission planner, I go to compass calibration, I hit start onboard Mag calibration, will the three lines (Mag 1-3) work via this connection?

Thanks again

Yes. I use ESP8266 WiFi radios on some craft and SiK radios on others.

You can also put a Bluetooth module on one of the ports of the FC. That will let you interface mission planner with the plane on the bench easily.

None of this works for me as I have a Speedybee f405 wing FC with it’s wireless board that can do WiFi or Bluetooth blue or Bluetooth app. Tried all 3. No connection to either MP on android nor Andropilot nor Qgroundcontrol on Android. Any ideas? I have uart6 set to mavlink2. The Bluetooth board shows a connection (solid blue led) but mavlink fails to connect.

Finally working. Set uart6 to mavlink1. Works for Speedybee with btspp

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I have the same issue with the Speedybee F405 Wing - no WIFI connection with my PC :slightly_frowning_face:

This should be SpeedyBee’s logo :weary:

Docs say it should work:

The SpeedyBeeF405Wing has an integrated wireless module allowing connections to GCS via WIFI. See the user manual for instructions. While BT is advertised as an alternate mode, this has not been proven to work with all BT dongles or cell-phones by ArduPilot. The WIFI mode has been tested with a variety of systems, however. Be sure the SERIAL6_BAUD = 115 and that nothing is loading the TX6/RX6 pins which are connected to the wireless module, by default..