How to connect Lidar Lite v3 to Pixhawk PWM?

Hi ppoirier,
did you connect the lidar lite v3 with an external ubec

Yes and I added a 470uF capacitor as well

what kind of ubec do you have use?

Various Chinese like Hobbywing 3 & 5 amps

me i tested it on i2c and its working very well but unfortunately i burned
my ubec and im looking for a new one for a lipo battery 2cells 2200mA 7.4v.
Which ubec you advice me?

Like I wrote before , like this

Hi @P_S_A, were you able to connect the Lidar-Lite v3 to PWM?

Hi, I follow this community with interest … I purchased lidar v3 but before installing it I would like to know some things from those who have already had experience with this: 1) the best way to connect it is via pwm or via 1c2, 2) after having connected the lidar v3 you have to activate some buttons on the radio … on the remote control using either the 1c2 or the pwm way ??? My installation takes place on a quadricopter with pix 2.4.8 and a futaba 14 sg radio.

On the connection diagram above for I2C it has the ubec 5v feeding back to I2c port is this correct? I thought the 5v would connect direct to Lidar and I2C 5v connection would be left vacant. Can this please be confirmed.

you don’t need provide 5v at the same time to the 5v of the i2c port…, just supply directly voltage to the power port of the sensor with the ubec

Thanks Dave,
Thats grea,t thats how I have it connected and I know the lidar is getting power - but I’m not able to induce an output either with PWM or I2C. I was actually hoping connecting the power through to I2C port would help. I’ve got no idea at his point. resistor with PWM and Capacitor with I2C per the diagrams followed the wiki. Rail is powered by Mauch PC 5.3v to AUX2.

I have no power across servo rail - this would / could explain why I cannot connect with PWM but would prefer to use I2C anyway


Is this why I have no power to rail - testing whilst disarmed