How to connect ESC's signal cable to Pixhawk-4 without soldering them

Hello Everyone,

  1. Is there any way to connect ESC’s signal cable to Pixhawk 4 power distribution board without soldering?
    By default I/O port is connected M1 - M8 pins of the power distrubution board.
  2. Can I connect I/O port from pixhawk 4 to the FMU-PWM output port of the power distribution board. So that I can connect my ESC’s directly to the PDB without any soldering?

Please let me know.


you can solder pin headers you need on your pdb without solder directly signal cable

Hi David,

Thanks for the reply.
Yeah, Pin headers can be soldered. But that wont be tight enought to hold the signal wire during the flight.

Just use the correct pin hearders and you are ready to go

Sure it will be. There are many, many flight controllers with pin headers that use DuPont connectors/servo leads for ESC signal.

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