How to connect APM2.8 gimnal Storm32 uart

I want to connect Storm32 via Mavlink to the APM2.8 controller via uart. But I use the uart0 port for two-way OSD \ Telem, uart1 uses GNSS. There is another port with the name I2C and on the board it is signed as MUX \ OSD \ I2C \ UART2 There is no information how to use this port as UART for Mavlink. I wanted to read about it before trying to connect. Any information. Thanks.

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Thanks, of course I read this material. It turns out that uart2 Pixhawk = uart2 APM? Is it enough to connect the TX RX GND?
everywhere it says i2с port

there are differences between the versions of the APM in this port; for some, a compass is connected, but I have a compass on another port and it works fine.

there is no SERIAL2_BAUD or 3 port in the settings, only SERIAL0_BAUD and SERIAL1_BAUD

I think these jumpers switch uart2 to serial or i2с. Iā€™m right?