How To Configure Quadcopter with Vectoring Central (booster) Motor? Need Help Please

Hello guys, I plan to build a small quadcopter with bigger central (booster) motor (than the other four motor). The goal is to increase efficiency of the small quadcopter. The problem is, our roll and pitch control become weak (because of this fixed central motor). So I want to install two servos to control this central motor to do roll and pitch. I expect that this central (booster motor) will follow roll and pitch control of the other four motor. I need help from experts here how to make this configuration, especially how to do wiring of the two servos for roll and pitch for the central/booster motor. This is basically a combination of a quadcopter and a single (vectoring) copter.
Is there any simple way to do wiring of the two servos? Do I need to modify the code or can I just modify the parameter?? Any advice and help is highly appreciated. Thank you.