How to configure PWM signal to AUX out on Herelink?

Hi Everyone!

I’m trying to set my herelink’s camera button to send a PWM signal to one of the aux outputs of the herelink air unit, so I could start a PWM-based motor, but whatever I do, or try, I can not find the solution. It is very stange considering, it seems a very common need, maybe Im missing something, but I dont know where else to look.
Also my dream would be if I could create a new virtual button on the QGroundControl to be able to set exact pwm values in % to be able to contorl the motor RPM, via one of the aux outputs. Is there a way to create new, touch buttons to control one of the many free channels?

The config is a hexa, with Cube orange, standard carrier board, herelink.
Thanks a lot for any help, It would mean a lot, if somebody could help me out.


Well, i figured out that in Solex I can do that. If i configure a button to ch9 it will send the set PWM to aux1. But this way it is only working in Solex, but I need the QGC. Also it would be amazing if I could set the exact PWM output easily (like with a touch butto on screen) in QGC and than use the CAM button to turn the presert PWM value on the AUS out. Is it even possible?

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I’m facing the same problem, I think the solution is in qgc customizing. And play in the code of QGC to create this virtual joystick. But did you solve it?