How to configure Failsafe when your Rx has its own failsafe

G’day folks.

I’m building my first scratch build (A Deadcat) and all’s been going smoothly so far except for this one issue I’ve not been able to figure out.

I’m running an OrangeRX R620 Rx with a 9XR Tx fitted with an OrangeRX Tx module (So a DSM2 setup as the R620 is DSM2). The R620 has its own FS which resets the inputs to the APM as whatever they were when it bound to the Tx, in the event of signal loss. This means the channel 3 signal sent to the APM never drops below its natural ‘off’ position. So I can’t seem to create a scenario where the failsafe triggers.

I’ve search the forums, Google and scoured YouTube but without success. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to work around this?


Naive idea: Configure your throttle to be clearly below the usual off position, bind your RX, and then reconfigure throttle to stay withing the regular limits.

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Thanks Claus. This is my third attempt at replying without being interrupted.

The morning of the day you post this I sat bolt upright in bed at 6am with the word ‘endpoints’ ringing in my brain. After some brief thought my idea was to set the weight of channel 3 to 125% in the mixer, bind, then reset it to 100%. I haven’t had a chance to try it but hope to this evening.

Thanks for the suggestion.