How to Configure Dual Air speed sensor for Pixhawk 1?

Hi all, I plan to use dual digital air speed sensor for my Vtol (quadplane) using Pixhawk 1. Normally I connect it to I2C. Can I just connect the second AS to the same I2C? As I use also Dual Gps, is it a problem? Anybody can help me how to setup the parameter in Mission Planner?
Another question is how the Pixhawk 1 will treat the second AS? Is there any option that we can choose the best one? Or to mix the AS calculation and get the average speed value?? I think about using dual AS sensor is for reliability and redundancy. I believe both Gps and AS sensor are very critical components for the aircraft. Thank you. BR.

I have the same problem and don’t know how to use the dual airspeed meter.

Hi guys,

One of the the air speed sensors needs to have a configurable I2C address so that the two sensors are different on the I2C bus. One such sensor is the Drotek SPD33. The SPD33 also needs no calibration on power up.

Set ARSPD2_TYPE = 6 (for the SPD33) and you’ll have a second set of ARSPD parameters available. The current support allows for for basic failover to a 2nd sensor if the first sensor fails.

Alternatively, you can use one analog and one digital AS sensor or an MS5525.


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Hello Greg,
Thank you very much. Appreciate your kind advice…

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