How to configure another system (SYSID)?

My autopilot is SYS_ID 1 , and some payload is SYS_ID 2
… how can I manipulate SYS_ID 2’s parameters?

  • the MAVlink tool can select packets by device … the parameter list cannot?

Do you mean SYSID_THISMAV and SYSID_MYGCS parameters?

On Qgroundcontrol packet inspector you can see which packets come from which source.
To change the parameters you need to connect to that device.

No, I mean:
Autopilot packets are are SYSTEM_ID 1 -
I connect my controller to AP’s serial port - and produce packets with sys_id , comp_id 191

In GCS LIke QGC - I can see both systems (1 and 2) in it’s mavlink inspector… But I see no way to modify the parameters of system 2.
MAVProxy’s console module allows switching between systems … but no other GCS (AFAIK) let me change parameters of this system 2 (microcontroller)
So I am not sure whatever I am supposed to have it be “system 2” - maybe the microcontroller should just be “system 1, component 191” - and it’s parameters will be accessible in any GCS along with autopilots parameters?