How to config Pixhawk with APM PLaner 2.0 from scratch

Hello, i novice using Pixhawk and need some help to startup. I have a pixhawk conected to a uBox LEA 6H GPS/Compass and a Spektrum Satelite Receiver.

When power it using USB connector, the main LED blink in green color, anyway i can connect it to APM and install Firmware for airplane.

Then i configure compass, moving the PWK in all axis (1 minute), but i can’t config the accelerometer. The screen configuration always show this message “Command time out, please try again”

Please i need some help to startup. Thanks and sorry for my bad english.

Go to APM Planner 2.0 Config view and enable beta release. 2.0.18-rc1+ contains fixes for latest pane release in regards to level.

I am having this same problem with 2.0.19-RC4
Mac OS X 10.11.2
APM Copter on APM2.6 3DR

There is no input for progressing the accel calibration just the time out count.
This counts down to the timeout message,

I just retested this feature on APM2.6 with 2.0.19-rc4-60-g3b3c0a0 and it works as expected.

I’m not sure why it’s not working for you. Can you see messages in the Messages Info View on the main screen? post screen shot (example of a successful calibration below)


Did you flash the px4 pixhawk version of the firmware or the APM version firmware?

I was having the same problem, accelerometer calibration would fail on every ground control software except for qmissionplanner, until I realized that barely anyone uses the actual pixhawk brand firmware on the pixhawk (at least in all the videos and tutorials I viewed no one did). Apparently APM has been around longer, more reliable whereas pixhawk keeps more on the bleeding edge as far as supporting all the new different hardware addons.