How to check out specific version? (no new branches for 4.0.x versions )

How to find a specific release?
before, we had branches for each release, how can I check out ArduCopter 4.0.2 or 4.0.4 now?
(I expected to find something about this at )

Also: this forum states “no support questions” - but are development-related questions like this ok?

Use tag instead of branch… point releases are tagged in the major release branches.

Thank you, so
git checkout master
git fetch --all --tags
git checkout tags/ArduPlane-4.0.4 -b plane4.0.4

by any chance, do you know how I can pull for example this PR …
on top of that ?

git cherry-pick cb09ea3ca508978dbfd0adaa6863e978b55fe462

That is the commit from the PR you will have to add lucas as a remote

thank you again
So I did
git remote add lucas
git fetch lucas #(while in my previously checked out AP4.0.4 branch)
git cherry-pick cb09ea3ca508978dbfd0adaa6863e978b55fe462

and it worked fine.
I know this is daily for real git users, but it would be nice to such example in the dev pages.

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