How to change web socket link

Hi , i want to change web socket numbers in mission planner.I have custom version but i dont find this part of code ,can you help me ???

what do you mean by websocket numbers? what numbers?

I thought it was a problem from the http server. But I found how to change the websocket numbers but that also did not help to open two simulations on the same computer.

Mission planner has button to start many copys. Easy to use

In the past I did moreless that in real situation running a second and third MP instance for three copters with different voices (to hear the battery voltages), choosing previously the voices in Windows. Works beautifully.

Interesting, as usual, but where?
After Ctrl+F?
At SETUP->Advanced?
Would it permit choosing voices?


Copter Swarm…

Thanks. I run SITL on Ubuntu. Should it appear there?

agh, no. if you on linux, you would need to manually start multiple instances