How to change vertical speed in poshold and loiter

I found some info on how to change loiter speed and braking in Copter 3.5. I now use loiter rather than poshold simply because it holds position much better.

Is there a way to increase full throttle vertical speed in these modes?

PILOT_SPEED_DN and PILOT_SPEED_UP parametres, in cm/s

Thanks for that, but not in my 3.5.5. I did find PILOT_VELZ_MAX which I set to the maximum 500 cms/sec. Just tried it, vertical speed up is now much better. Only problem is speed down is now twice as fast at low throttle. Quarter throttle seems to be about right though.

Are PILOT_SPEED_DN and PILOT_SPEED_UP parameters in 3.6?

Indeed, I checked master, but you are right in 3.5 it’s PILOT_VELZ_MAX contolling both ascend and descend speed. It will be replaced by the PILOT_SPEED_DN and PILOT_SPEED_UP parameters plus PILOT_ACCEL_Z for controlling vertical acceleration.

Thanks Andras. I will wait for 3.6 to be released.