How to change the parameters in Mission Planner

Hi, I would like to change the parameters in my ArduCopter but I can not find where can I change them in my Mission Planner. I would like to change the parameters that are used for tunning. Can someone help me to find them?
My Mission Planner is 1.3.48.

Thanks a lot

If you’re unable to see the full parameter list in MP, make surre that the layout for planner in the config/Tuning tab is set to Advanced.

I can see the full parameter list in MP but those parameters (AUTOTUNE_AGGR) for example, I can not find them.

Can you attach the param file for the current setup?

How can I do that? I have a Screenshot, is it usefull?

I have another question, I can not analyse the log Files because I can not download the Log Files, I get this error.

Thanks a lot!

Click on the ‘save to file’ button on the top right. That will save a .PARAM file.

For the dataflash logs, I find it more convenient to just retrieve the logs from the SD card. The MAVLink transfer for log files is too slow for me.

my first guess is you are running an old arducopter versions. please update

I´m fliying with an APM 2.8. I dont know if I can update it more

I could download the logs and review them, but now I want to check if the gps is working ok, and I can not find the log to check it. I’ve seen here,, how to check it,

but in my computer I see another window and I cannot find the logs. This is how I see it.

could someone please help me?


On the right side of the log browser screen select the +GPS menu for the pull down parameters available and select Hdop and/or Nsats.

Thanks a lot but I made a mistake, what I wanted to check was the compass, not the GPS, could you help me with that?