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How to change flight mode on Mission Planner?

Hi, I’m having trouble switching mode for hexacopter on mission planner. The problem I have is this: I can only switch back and forth between Flight Mode 1 and Flight Mode 6, but I just want to switch from Flight Mode 1 to Flight Mode 3. How can I switch back and forth between mode 1 and mode 3? Thanks for your comments.

In your transmitter, you need to configure the switch pwm levels.


Or you use the pull down menu to configure flight mode 6 to PosHold!

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Hello, mode 6 PWM value is quite large, I am just doing basic UAV experiment so I want to choose mode 3 to be able to control UAV easily.

Hi @Hoang_Bui, the screenshot you show is where you configure what flight mode will be selected when you send a different PWM value on channel 5. In other words, you ask about changing modes on Mission planner, but these settings are for changing modes from the radio Tx.

If you are changing modes using mission planner, then you change the modes on the Data page, select the actions tab, then the modes dropdown box (3rd one), select the mode you want, and click the “Set Mode” button.

That is how you change modes in Mission Planner.

Good luck!

By the Way, I think you posted this message in the wrong category, this is the Radios part of the forum.

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