How to change "cuise speed"?

in adavanced settings i want to change min max and cruise speed in m/s.
Min max works, but i cant thange cruise? its always 12m/s what is to low for my plane.

Quadplane 3.6, Missionplanner 1.3.44

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no one? this must be a obvious change for almost every plane?!

it was possible to change it with “trim_airspd_cm” in full parameter list.

It must be a mission planner bug. That “cruise” field is supposed to change trim_arsp_cm.

Hi all ,

good info but I have Question .

what is the different between the two Boxes .

Throttle Cruise vs Airspeed m/s Cruise ?
same for other param min max ?

I have fast plane I need to do the perfect value for cruise in Auto mode ?

ex . cruise Speed is = 150 kmh , where should I put the value ?

Hope I can find good information.

Regards .

From what i can understand, the throttle cruise corresponds to your servo/ESC PWM percentage whereas the Airspeed cruise corresponds to the target airspeed the aircraft shall try to maintain in flight during cruise operations.
Hope any of the expert can clarify on this!!!

I am new here. There does not seem to be any ’ experts’ around? Everyone in Las Vegas?