How to calibrate ESC manually?


I tried to manually calibrate my ESC . The motors I use is a2212 2000Kv. I am unable to calibrate to my esc.
These are the steps I followed

Steps I followed to calibrate my esc were as follows:-
1)plugged in esc into channel 3 of receiver
2)Turn on the transmitter , then throttle max
3) plug in the battery.
4) beep sound expected from motor( no sound received)
5)used servo master to test my motor connection ( every thing works fine)
6) for trouble shooting I used arduino to read PWM signals
7) in receiver always the result was around 9800.
8) But in servo master , I was getting proper PWM signal.

My receiver was working fine (imperfectly, means either full throttle or zero throttle), day before yesterday. It suddenly stopped working now.
I am a beginner.
Sorry for my poor english.
Please tell me a way to fix it.
Thanking you