How to build the firmware for IRIS


I’m the new player in this domain. I got a 3D Robotics’s IRIS and the support team of 3D Robotics
suggested me to here when I asked them “how to build the firmware for IRIS”.

I have downloaded following sources from github and is there anyone could tell me the SOP for
how to build the firmware for IRIS? Any parameters I need to modify before build?

drwx------. 12 mjchen users 4.0K Apr 15 17:59 ardupilot/
drwx------. 39 mjchen users 4.0K Apr 2 18:03 MissionPlanner/
drwx------. 16 mjchen users 4.0K Apr 3 14:44 PX4Firmware/
drwx------. 7 mjchen users 4.0K Apr 2 23:23 PX4NuttX/

Actually I can get following files after typing “make px4” under “ardupilot/ArduCopter” but not
sure if this is the firmware I expect.

-rw-------. 1 mjchen users 672K Apr 11 08:25 ArduCopter-v1.px4
-rw-------. 1 mjchen users 689K Apr 11 08:25 ArduCopter-v2.px4
-rwx------. 1 mjchen users 39K Apr 11 08:24 px4io-v1.bin*
-rwx------. 1 mjchen users 571K Apr 11 08:24 px4io-v1.elf*
-rwx------. 1 mjchen users 40K Apr 11 08:25 px4io-v2.bin*
-rwx------. 1 mjchen users 579K Apr 11 08:25 px4io-v2.elf

Ming-Jen Chen

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Sorry, StefanG,

Please change the status of this post to “UNSOLVED” because I misunderstood that
you asked me to post it to APM:code.

Ming-Jen Chen

Information on building the code is here Follow instructions for Pixhawk/PX4