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How to build an antenna tracking with APM 2.8?

Hello friends, I have an Ardupilot 2.8 and I want it to work as an antenna tracker, I know all about the frame and those things, what I can not do is configure the APM, I have managed to load the firmware of the antenna tracker in the APM from mission planner, and I soldered a bridge on pins TX2 and RX2 on the board, but then I do not have any information on how to set it up, does anyone kindly help me set it up?
psdt: I do not intend to use a separate servo driver, I want to use only the ardupilot board.

Hi there! Do you have any success with it ? Exactly same problem here…

two days of research and I have some thoughts and results. Left them here, probably would help someone. So:

MUX_TX2 and MUX_RX2 must be soldered after that you’ll be able to use I2C socket as UART2 for telemetry. This is necessary because you can’t use UART0 and USB of APM at the same time.

I done that and check it connecting air telemetry module to UART2 (I2C) connect by air (not by USB) in Mission Planer - it was working nice.

Next challenge I faced is that I have only pair of v.1 telemetry modules their ground module have just USB. It is not possible to connect it to UART directly. Actually v1 ground module is air module+FTDI adapter it is possible to convert it, guy on this video is doing around the same
but I’m not so skilled so decide not to risk and order v.2 modules.

As soon as they came will continue this AT project.

Hi Renato,

Do you have any luck on this project ? I have been trying to build the same for 2-3 years(on and off) without success. Have posted several times in forum without any useful result.
I followed the instruction for AT “in the middle” configuration in wiki. But the 2 servos (on the bench, not mounted on actual pan and tilt mechanism) never move, even though I fly the quad 3-4 meters above the AT and 10-12 meters across the AT, instead of moving the quad over the bench. This is where I stuck. Still not giving up. Any thought ?

Have you got the v.2 module to continue the project ? I have no luck on the same project after trying for over 2 years. Shall we start to exchange experience ?

Hello Frankie, Yes I got v2 modules, try them and it was okay - I saw “antenna” and “airplane” labels in Mission planner servos were moving all seems good so far. Didn’t try it if field. Actually I broke usb port on my ground APM and have no luck with repairing it. Now plan to order pixhawk for AT.
Btw about v2 modules, I bought 500mw 915Mhz and somewhat they kill GPS signal at all… not recommended,

Hello Andrey,
Glad to know that your AT works with APM. I have tried both APM and Pixhawk, without success for 2 years, on the bench or out at the field. I will later send you my set up. Could you please compare it with yours to see what mistake did I make ?
Thank you in advance.

Hello Andrey,

I am still preparing all the info of my AT. Meanwhile, I want to know the following :–

You said after getting the v.2 module, you finally get the servos moving, on the bench, I assume.

Did you move your vehicle over the bench and then the 2 servos start to move ? Can you send a photo of your setup ?

Do you use APM (what version? ) as controller for the tracker ?

HI Andrey,

I have finished preparing the details of my AT. This consists a table and the format is not allowed in this reply window. Do you mind giving me your email address where I can send it for your help ?


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