How to avoid hexacoptor crash during RTL , WHICH SWITCHES SHOULD I USE

Hi how are you. My settings for flight mode are as follows,

  1. switch C AUTO , SWITCH E : RTL<—> Stabilize , SWITCH G : AUTO <------>RTL

  2. switch C ALT HOLD , SWITCH E : RTL<—> Stabilize , SWITCH G : ALT HOLD <------>LOITER

  3. switch C ALT HOLD , SWITCH E : AUTO <—> RTL , SWITCH G : ALT HOLD <------>Stabilize

In brief may send me the operational manual according to the above switches, If i am using mission planner is it possible to change the mode, to manual from auto pilot for landing in case its way is obstructed, which position of switch position (C, E AND G) at point 1, 2, and 3 . To avoid crash. and to control it slowly.

Which option will be the best in the above 3 option,.

Your assistance will be gratefully appreciated,

You may set RTL as a normal flight mode, on channel 5, or you may set another switch to enable rtl only. What radio are you using? I use a Taranis and have two switches for flightmode (6 discrete settings) and also use another two position switch for RTL or Autotune, depending on the filight. There are also settings for rtl height, speed, and landing speed. I too have a hexcopter and rtl has saved me several times. My complete setup is with BL_HELI32 escs but I’ll be more than happy to post all my settings if you want them. It can be pretty tricky getting everything to work the way you want it. I can’t say enough good things about opentx and the Taranis xmitter. I replaced a $1500 JR12x with a $122 Qx7 and have far more options, and then added a multimodule that lets me also use the QX7 with my XK110 heli, and most other “toy” type drones and helis.