How to automatically avoid nfz?(custom area)

it there any command doing that in mission planner? if so? what is that? or if i make method? by using visual studio? or if i using other GSC, can i solve this problem easily ? it is part of drone competition missions help!

in the planning stage, or the flying stage?

@Michael_Oborne I’ll tag on to this topic as I am looking into the same thing. It would be nice to have automatic NFZ avoidance as an option to enable. Especially when in RTL mode. If someone is flying BVLOS and has a GCS failsafe, the RTL route could take the plane through a NFZ. Would be nice to avoid that. Would be nice to have the ability to select which flight modes to enable it for.

this can be done with exclusion fences, however the data of the NFZ needs to exist first. do you know of a source?

When you say a source, do you mean a database? I’m not sure. I know that the map in mission planner does show some of the NFZs in my flight areas but some others are not shown. As I’m sure you’re aware, different apps show different data. I have several apps on my phone/tablet and it seems they all show different data. For this reason, it would be great if we could just mark out an exclusion area. I have never even heard of exclusion fences and just read the documentation but it appears that it is only for rover/copter. Is that true?

the existing ones are either from fix kml’s that you can add your own too. or if you enable altitude angle that has some as well. and is live.

Thank you I created a kml and see that but what I am trying to accomplish is setup an exclusion zone based on the research I’ve done. I see a bunch of issues on Github referencing stay out zones and exclusion zones. I have played with it in MP and I see that I can create a polygon in the FENCE dropdown of the planning screen. I create the polygon over the area and then select fence exclusion and I see that it reflects and shades the polygon.

However it seems quirky in that when I switch from fence to mission view the fence is gone when I switch around. Also, documentation I have found seems to reference Copter. Is fence exclusions working with Plane 4.x? Do exclusions only work when flying in AUTO?

Once again to clarify: Most of my flights are in cruise mode. In the event of GCS failsafe, plane will RTL. I would like plane to avoid exclusion zone and find route back to home. Is that possible?

Thanks again for your help/time.

did you upload the fence?

in cruise mode im not sure if fences are used, might need to test this in SITL