How to AUTO RESTART the mission in the air only when it is completing the last way point

Hi Everyone,

I want to AUTO RESTART the mission after completing the last waypoint to begin the mission again?

Please let me know how to do this.


I have used “DO_JUMP” to do this before:

Thanks for the reply.
I have gone through the link. What I understood is
After last waypoint I have to put DO JUMP command and changing WP 2. So that, again it will continue from there to last waypiont and repeat again. Is that rite?


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If the vehicle has actually landed after the mission completes then by default it will disarm. To avoid the disarm you’ll need to set MIS_OPTIONS = 4. then add a takeoff command after the RTL or LAND command and/or a do-jump back to the first command (which is probably a takeoff) and then it should work.

For me it SHOULD NOT LAND after last waypoint. It should again restart the mission from the 1st waypoint IN THE AIR only.


Yes, a DO_JUMP command at the end should be what you need I think.

Will try and let you know.