How to assign functions to a 3-pos. switch on Aux channel?

Hi, I would like to assign two functions to a 3 position switch on channel 9, similar as can be done on the flight mode channel. Actually it looks like the Aux channels only support 2-pos. switches with on or off setting.
E.g. I qwould like using the switch for selecting either nothing, simple mode or super simple mode independently from the flight mode switches.
Is this possible and how?

Easy enough with a Transmitter switch mix using 2 RC channels configured as Simple and Super Simple and a 3-position switch.

Yes, that’s my fallback method in case there is no other way, just wasting a further rc channel. But it would be beneficial if I could add more than one option to an Aux channel, similar as supported for the mode switch channel.

If your autopilot supports scripting, it can be done in Lua.